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Hi, my name's Bobby. I'm visiting Edmonton over my spring break (March 18-29) to visit my grandparents, where I'll be staying. They reside in Sherwood Park, though I'm wanting to sightsee around the Greater Edmonton area, especially the city. There are many places and activities I'm wanting to see and do, but it'd be a lot more fun with a friend. So, if you aren't doing anything during this time, join the group and get in touch with me. I'm happy to make new friends and it'd be cool to meet up. Please note: I'm looking for someone around my age, so this group is only open to ~18 years of age. Also, we will further keep in contact via Discord, that is once you join the group, contact me, and I'll provide you my Discord tag. Before meeting up, we can create plans or I can inform you on where I'll be going so you can attempt to encounter me there. Be aware that meeting plans will likely be last minute and stay notified on Discord so we can be in touch right away! Some of my interests: I'm into video games and gaming consoles, mainly Nintendo. I own a few consoles, notably my Switch and 3DS (I'll be bringing them with me, perhaps we can game together when we meet!). My all-time favourite game is Splatoon 2. ; I enjoy exploring, sightseeing, and adventure (in a practical sense). ; I'm into fun attractions, museums, and everything Greater Edmonton has to offer. ; I'm passionate about school. I'm an honour roll student and host of a few clubs, notably my school's Gaming Club. I'd love to tell you all about that! ; I wouldn't say I'm outgoing, but I'm generally neutral to friendly and chill. ; I enjoy making new friends and getting to know my friends better. I'd get into more personal detail, but you know... Note that you likely won't have to pay for anything, as my grandmother would be driving us, paying for food, admission to places, etc. Why utilize Discord? I find the interface more intuitive and instant. It also doesn't have strict rules, so we'd be free to get to know each other there (as I'd be more comfortable with getting to know you and letting you getting to know me before I meet with you). Discord also has voice and video call, which I'll ask of you to do as I do need to clarify that you are around my age. And yes, this means no events will actually be published. This group is simply meant as an advertisement as this seems like a convenient site to find persons that reside in a certain area. I do want to mention that I can't confirm on if we'll actually be doing anything together. Because I'm visiting my grandparents for what I believe is the last time in a long while due to school, studies, and their old age, spending time with them is my first priority. However, if I get to know you and we are able to meet, let's do something together on at least one of the days I'm in town. This group will close after March 29, as I will depart Edmonton the day after to return home. Of course, we can still keep in touch together online afterwards! Meeting online friends in real life is a dream of mine I've been wanting to come true. Besides, this likely isn't the last time I'll be visiting!

The club Edmonton Spring Break Meetup is located in edmonton, alberta.



No events at this time. Check back later.

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