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Carly Fiorina Sarah Palin if she was sorry for putting Wolves on Endangered species list if Fiorina doesnt say impale or doesnt not that nightmare. She talks about leadership. Majore Taylor Greene Liz Cheney...

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Honorary Presidents until elected or not elected Or Not Elected. Ron Desantis Rick,ardo Santorum Ricky Perry Trey Gowdy Perry loves Dogs 2024 or honorary presidents like Dominic Homan of Colorado born April 24th 1983 Colorado born. Kirsten Gillibrand Amy Klobuchar Pete Buttigieg Beto Orouke Pete Buttieg Kamala Harris Elizabeth Warren Hillary Clinton. Dominic Homan 1st 2022 inductue the rest are not in order are of 2022 inductees.

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I'm the 1st Honorary President from Denver, CO where are you from? Dominic Anthony Homan. 2022 Inductee.


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