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Greetings & Saludos Midland Soccer enthusiasts! I am looking to register 18 prospective players to my new MSA Adult League team by January 31st. Max Roster Size is 20 players per team but me and a fellow soccer fan are already enlisted. The online MSA Registration cost is $65.00 per player. Referee cost is $35 per player. Ya'll wouldn't need to worry about the referee fee until the first game of the season as refs tend to collect until that date (or the second game of the season if anyone forgets their referee cash by the first game xp). -Although registration closes on Jan. 31st for the Spring 2019 season, the season shouldn't begin until March. There is no official tournament schedule or dates yet but my educated guess is that the season might begin March 24th as games are played on Sundays (@5:30pm/7:30pm @Beal Park) and Spring 2019 begins on March 20th. For anyone that is able, willing, and fully interested in being a crucial part of the team: The Custom Holland Team Jersey we would be wearing costs $14 per person. I didn't want to add too much more to the base costs of the league per player so I found a cheap/stylish/quality jersey vendor online on which I can custom order every team Jersey (These custom Jerseys include a personal Number + a player's name/nickname). **It is important for me to know everyone's desired Jersey Name+Number+Jersey Size prior to the start of February to be 100% sure that all Jersey orders arrive before the opening game in March. I already ordered/received my own prototype Holland team Jersey with the number 7 on it and it looks and feels great (apart from being easy on the wallet) but it did take a month to arrive because the vendor is international. - The shorts, shin guards, soccer cleats, & soccer socks for the games can be anything that ya'll already possess at home. If ya'll wish to have matching shorts/socks we can discuss that as a group at a meetup cuz I do know a cheap Kansas vendor where we could order those but these aren't as essential to worry about like the team Jerseys. ************************************************** ***If you've made it this far and are totally interested in joining this MSA team plus conquering the league! (Or know of any friends or family that might be interested in playing some adult recreational soccer by March): Make sure to send me through your preferred e-mail,g-mail,etc. - Your first and last name. - Your phone number. - Your Age/Gender. - Your desired Jersey number 1-99 (7 & 10 are taken). - Your desired Jersey last name or nickname for the back of it. - Your desired Jersey Size (S, M, L, XL). Moreover! In the same e-mail^^ - - (as an added bonus) let me know what type of player you are like or what type of player you would like to be like! Here are some typical modern pro examples for ya'll to use below if necessary. The amount of stars * translate to how hard I think it is to find certain types of players so if you're a hesitant 5, 4, or 3 star player please join us! xp (Every position is key though). *****The Keeper: Fearless like Manuel Neuer, Confident/Composed like Gianluigi Buffon, or A reflex machine like Iker Casillas. **The Last Defender: Tough like Giorgio Chiellini, Fast like Raphael Varane, or Positional like Andrea Barzagli. ***The High press Defender: Aggressive like Sergio Ramos, A passmaster like Leonardo Bonucci, or someone who can safely carry the ball through the lines like Mats Hummels. *****The Center Defensive Midfielder: An engine like N'Golo Kantè, A connector like Sergio Busquets, or a destroyer like Casemiro. ***The FullBack: A wall like Cèsar Azpilicueta, balanced like Dani Carvajal, a threat like Filipe Luis. ****The Wingback (5th Attacker): A workhorse like Marcelo, A link-up like Jordi Alba, or Offensive like Joshua Kimmich. ****The Deep-lying Playmaker: A distributor like Toni Kroos, a line breaker like Kevin De-Bruyne, or a press resister like Thiago Alcántara. **The Outside Midfielder (3rd Attacker): Complete like Arturo Vidal, A technician like Gareth Bale, or a fighter like Radja Nainggolan. ***The Inside Midfielder (4th Attacker): A tactician like Andrès Iniesta, a playmaker like Luka Modric, or a dribbler like Philippe Coutinho. ***The Centre-Forward (2nd Attacker): A magician like Lionel Messi, An escape valve like Eden Hazard, or a contributor like Antoine Griezmann. *The Striker (Main Attacker): A Poacher Extraordinaire like Cristiano Ronaldo, An all-round talent like Luis Suàrez, or a receiver like Olivier Giroud. ************************************************** ****Once I get said^^ info. from 18 of ya'll by e-mail, I'll contact the adult league coordinator once more to confirm the roster. Then, the coordinator or me will text/email ya'll the necessary links and procedures (documents necessary, office location, etc) to send online or through the MSA Office for ya'll to officialize registration into this MSA team. After 18 peeps register, I'll organize meetups at some public Midland field to play some weekends for fun. Everyone can introduce themselves to each other at said future meetups. We will also get a chance to communicate and establish the team's tactics/style of play. This way, by the time the tournament starts, we will all find it much easier to find our forms, understand/organize substitutions, and just play some first level Soccer out there! Total Costs for participation between now and March would amount to $114 per participant (Registration, Referees, Custom Jersey) not counting potential team shorts/socks which mustn't necessarily match. We could also discuss cheap custom Away/Alternate Jerseys but that would be left to the group's discretion. Goalkeepers with questions about gear can contact me directly over e-mail as there are also cheap goalie gear vendors I can help with online. Hope to hear from ya'll interested as soon as possible at any time before January the 31st.

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