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Please refrain from making random comments, this is a space for writing, not texting.

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Chapter 1 / Intro of Innocence : Blood spilled on the floor, the remains of her left scattered across the rigid stone. The darkness of the night enveloped the cavern, leaving nothing but the killer?s eyes, glinting in the light of the blood moon. I was next. I couldn?t do anything to help myself: the exit had been blocked by a pile of fallen boulders. The man came closer, and I backed away in fear, but I knew this was the end for me. I see the blooded knife glisten as it stabs aimlessly around me; he couldn?t see me. This was my chance. I sprinted across the once grey stone, now coated in the grotesquely dark blood of the murderer?s victim, entering the darkest depths of the seemingly empty cave. The walls closed in on me as I ran further, now with the mutilator of my sister on my tail, and I eventually had to duck as I had already slit my head, the blood trickling down my face, into my eyes, blinding me. I collapse onto the floor, helpless, the murderer standing directly above me, ready to strike. I tense up, bracing myself for the blow, but he suddenly stops. Police sirens. He sprints in the opposite direction of the sound, and I pass out.

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The Devil?s Club Blood splattered the dagger clenched between my killer?s teeth, his reddening hands grasping for my pulsing neck. I knew this was the end. As I braced for the pain of death, a sharp, violent chill rushed through me, from my back directly through my stomach. Death. It had finally come to take me? although? I could still hear my pounding heart in my head, my racing pulse overwhelming me. I reached into the dark abyss before me. My would-have-been-killer was gone, as if evaporated and taken by the wind. I felt for my neck, the warm beads of blood spilling from a deep gash stained my jumper, what would be a long-lasting reminder of the nightmare I had endured. As I forced my shaking legs to stumble through the black, I felt an angry, deliberate sort of pain in my left shoulder, a maniacal laugh, hot breath against my neck as teeth sunk into my pale skin? then I passed out.

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This is for writing books, specifically the dark/horror genre.

The club Satan's Haven is located in birmingham, al.



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