Organize a Casual Sports Club

You can accomplish your exercise goals and have fun at the same time by organizing your own casual sports club. In this post, we will give you advice on how to organize a casual sports club and how to keep your group active.

Get the word out that you'd like to start your own sports club. Ask friends, co-workers, family members if they or anyone that they know may be interested in joining your group. On ClubCreator, you can create a page for your sports club and select the interest (soccer, tennis, etc). You can share the link to your club on social media or via email.

Once you have club members that have joined your page, you can make daily posts to keep them engaged. Your members may also post to the club page and may share photos with the group. Get your club active by creating sports related events, such as practices and games. You could also host social events like recruiting events to get more members.

Our goal at ClubCreator is to make it easy for people to create their own sports clubs. We provide you with easy to use tools to keep your club active such as a club page, event scheduler, club calendar, and the ability for your club members to join and rsvp to events. You can use these tools to keep your club members active and engaged. Try to create events at least once a month and make posts to your group at least once or twice a week.